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How a Mass Flow Controller works

I bought a couple mass flow controllers from eBay to improve the process control of my sputtering chamber. These MFCs are much better suited than a needle valve and rotameter (manual flowmeter).

Thermal Mass Flow Meter / Controller (Principle of operation) E

Animated video explaining the principle of operation for a Bronkhorst High-Tech EL-FLOW® Thermal Mass Flow Meter/Controller for Gas (by-pass design). More information at our website

How Gas Mass Flow Controllers Work

Sierra Instruments' animated video entitled, "Precise Gas Flow Measurement: The Sierra Way," is a short three-minute educational offering that explains the operating principle of Sierra's capillary thermal technology. This video is an inside-out description showing the flow path of gas molecules within the mass flow controller and illustrates key technology advantages of capillary thermal flow measurement systems.




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