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MSR Stoves: How-to use MSR liquid fuel stoves

The mainstay of most backcountry travelers, MSR® stoves offer versatile, all-around performance for preparing a variety of meals on the trail. With the renowned WhisperLite™-series stoves as a cornerstone, these stoves feature broader burner heads and moderate flame control to expand cooking options for backpackers and global vagabonds alike.

Here, we take a look at how to properly use your MSR® Liquid Fuel Stove.
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Inside Look: MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 Tent

The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2 person Tent is an ultralight freestanding 3 season tent that provides masses of internal space, two vestibules, loads of ventilation and an incredibly easy pitching system.

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The Hubba Tour 2 Tent by MSR [Review]

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Some of our best adventures come to us when we load up our adventure bikes and hit the road. Most recently, we loaded down our Ural and took Hank with us on an overnight camping trip in the Utah desert. Traveling self-supported off of the motos is a fun venture in it of itself and really makes you wonder how you can fit so much gear in such little panniers.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of adventure motoing is the fact that with motorcycling comes a lot of gear. Not only are we talking camping gear we are also wearing protective gear and helmets. While the Elixir 3 tent took very good care of us on our moto trip to Baja, we were extremely excited to try out the Hubba Tour 2 Tent by MSR.

While it’s hard to say a negative thing about the Elixir 3 tent because it has literally kept us safe and dry for thousands of miles, the only way we were able to fit our moto gear in that tent with us was because it was a 3-person tent. With the Hubba Tour 2, we now have essentially a garage to house our moto gear while we sleep inside the sleeping quarters of the tent. It’s so nice to have the extra protected space, especially for those wet and stormy days.

The Hubba Tour 2 is easy to set up and feels very minimalistic and simple with only have two poles. The Tour 2 is different from the Elixir in many ways but the most significant difference being the fact that the rainfly and body of the tent are integrated. We aren’t sure we are in love with this, as the tent feels a little window/viewless but it has protected us in a mad snow/sleet/rain storm and so we are confident that it will protect us in any inclement weather. If you’re like us and you feel more “protected” (from anything like night creatures, people, animals) sleeping with the rain fly on even when you know it’s not going to rain, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. If you like a tent that is 90% screen material so you can feel like you’re sleeping outside but still be slightly protected from bugs etc, this may not be the tent for you. We do like to sleep without a rainfly occasionally but feel as though the extra gear storage is more beneficial to us than sleeping without a fly.

If you do happen to find yourself in an extreme downpour, this tent will absolutely keep you dry (same with our Elixir 3). That is a huge bonus for us because no matter where we are camping there is usually a good chance for rain. We even woke up to wet heavy snow in the Hubba Tour 2 and we were not fazed by it.

We love having a place to store our gear, especially when we are camping off the motos and have a more than usual abundant amount of gear. We’ve even thought about turning the garage into Hank’s little room so that he’s not pushing us off of our mats all night. As you can see with the photo of Tyson in the gear shed for reference, there is potentially room in there if you are confined to the tent. He is 6’0 and was able to sit in our camp chair inside the shed. This is not a place I would choose to just hang but if it was absolutely necessary, you could.

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