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How to replace watch battery - Kenneth Cole

Step by step guide to replace your Kenneth Cole watch battery.

Kenneth Cole GENEVA Automatics

The Automatic Watch Beginner's GUIDE - How To Wind An Automatic Watch

Welcome to the beginner's guide to automatic watches. WATCH NEXT - Top 10 SEIKO 5 Watches - The BEST Watches for Under $200

In this episode (paid links):
★ Certina DS 1 Powermatic 80:
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★ Orient Ray II black:
★ Seiko SKX013:
★ Seiko SRPB41:

If you've been wondering how to wind an automatic watch (or do you need to), how often you should do it, why it stops overnight or can you overwind an automatic watch, I'll answer those questions in this video.

Beware: this is a video for beginners. It won't tell you precisely how an automatic watch works or how to service it. This video is intended to answer the questions you might have about your first automatic watch.

Some of my favorite watches (paid links):
- The best affordable dressy diver:
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(As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You don't pay more by using these affiliate links.)

Watch Reviews
- Seiko vs Orient:

- Orient Kamasu:

- Seiko 5 Sports (5KX):

- Seiko SNXS79K:

- Seiko SNKL41:

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Royal Aloba : My second hand is still not running
LivingIsGaming : What if I wind the watch in the anti-clockwise direction by hand?
Aye Win : Nice explain about automatic watch movement. I have a lot of expensive automatic and manual watches for collection I also have 6 watch winder ORBITA HEIDEN WOLF single triple and quad winder. I worry sitting too long in my case and also worry over winding with my winder. With your video I will wind for 8 hours and stop power for 2 days and run again. You make me idea . Now I stop all my watch winder . Thanks for nice video I learn something today.
ww burds : Thanks for this.. I just bought my 1st automayic watch and i thought it is broken becauese it doesnt work.. So basically, this answers all my question..thanks though.
Gabriele Marchese : I'm Italian; my Watch winds as I talk




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